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Wasps & Wasp Biology

Social Wasps possesses stings which can be used against animals and man They are painful and dangerous when a large wasp colony attacks. This is the main reason to control wasps and to call a local Wigan based wasp nest removal service. Sensitization might occurs and an allergic reaction can develop. This can be fatally serious (anaphylactic shock). Symptoms include difficulty breathing, swelling, increased heart rate and loss of consciousness. Fast emergency medical help (dial 999) is essential and consists of adrenaline (EpiPen) injections.

The second reason for wasp control is because wasps eat carrion. Therefore they can transmit harmful bacteria from putrifying material to food destined for human consumption.

budding wasp nest

Budding wasp nest in April

wasp nest August

wasp nest in August

The most common wasp species found in the UK are the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) or the german wasp (Vespula germanica). Over-wintered and fertilized wasp queens wake from hibernation around mid-April and find a suitable colony site to make a nest which is made up of wood fibres. Wasp nest elimination is straightforward at this stage and could be attempted with household products (only 1-10 wasps occupy the nest at the stage). However by the end of the summer the size of the wasp nest can be up to 70 cm across and contain up to 10000 wasps.

Extermination of the wasp nest should be performed by a qualified wasp control technician / exterminator. Wasps will eventually succumb to cold whether and starvation, but before this they can behave aggressively and out of control, especially when they consume rotting fruit and when sugary foods are present.

Common Wasp

Common wasp
“Vespula vulgaris

German Wasp

German wasp
“Vespula germanica”

Expert Wasps Nest Removal / Elimination

We are usually able to treat and get rid of your wasp nest within 24 hours. We are also available early mornings or evenings and weekends….when it suits you! Prices for wasp nest treatments are the same throughout (£40) and are all inclusive and wasps nest elimination is guaranteed.

Guaranteed wasp control and treatment

We guarantee that our wasp nest removal price (£40) is better value than that of your council. The complete extermination of the wasp nest is guaranteed (councils do not do this). Re-treatments are free if the wasps are not gone (very unusual).
Our wasp controllers routinely get rid of wasps with insecticides formulated for professional wasp elimination. This dust is transmitted onto the body of the worker when wasps traveling in and out of the nest, further contaminating the inside of the nest. Other wasps, the queen, will all die within 24 hours. Physical wasp nest removal is really not necessary as the empty remaining paper nest is never re-used as queens always build nests from scratch. However we can return at a later date to remove vacant wasp nests at an additional cost.

It is not recommended to remove wasps nests yourself, but to call a professional pest control company. Household wasp sprays contain pyrethrins, which irritates wasps and makes them very aggressive. In addition many household products for treatment of wasps, can only contain low levels of the active ingredient and are often not very effective.
It is imperative to use  appropriate personal protective equipment when approaching a wasps nest or performing wasp control.

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