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Pest control prices 2018*

PestsPriceVisits IncludedCommentsTreatment particulars
Ants - black garden£701-2 guarantee for 2018Do Not use DIY dusts or powders.Imadacloprid / indoxacarb baiting gel
Bedbugs£110 / bed
1-3discount if multiple beds
are treated
Extensive survey and treatment. Multiple treatments
Bees£752Usually a honey bee hive/
swarm can be collected by bee-keeper
Total costs determined during survey - follow up required
Cockroach£1201-3Indoxacarb baiting
CrowsSurvey/quote essential
Feral PigeonSurvey/quote essential
Fleasfrom £851-2based on 2 bed property
Additional rooms £15
Pets need to be treated
See flea page for
preparation requirements
Flies£751-2Sometimes the underlying
problem needs to be
Fox£180~3Shooting / trappingSurvey
Gnats / mosquitoesSurvey/quote essential
Grey Squirrel£1402-5Often roof proofing requiredTrapping
Mice£1002-4Small proofing jobs included to prevent recurrenceRodenticides and/or trapping used
MolesPlease call2-4No catch = No fee
Agricultural work can be negotiated upon survey
Moths£751-2Often requires survey
Rabbits£1402-8Sometimes habitat modification requiredShooting, trapping, ferreting.
Aluminium Phosphide (quote required)
Rats£1202-4Small proofing jobs inluded. Sometimes caused by drain defectRodenticides and/or trapping depending on level of infestation
Crawling nuisance insects
(ie silverfish)
£751-2Sometimes indicative of damp ingressFicam W
Wasps£45free re-treatment if requiredFicam D.
£10 for additional nests on same visit
Wood PigeonSurvey essential
WoodwormSurvey/quote essentialspecies: Anobium punctatum (common furniture beetle) onlyExtensive survey. includes cleaning and removal of damaged wood. Warranty included
Annual Service Agreement
From £2104, 6, 9 or 12 visits / year including 2 emergency calloutsRat, mice, crawling insects and/or EFK maintenancePrice listed is for shops or small units. Larger industrial units / plants require survey & quotation
Callout fee£35Only if no treatment is required & very simple /brief tasksCallout fee is waived if a treatment is purchased.
I.e. it would be applicable if a bed bug inspection survey finds no evidence of bed bugs


* Prices are based on residential pest control in the Wigan borough. Pest control work requiring multiple visits, and further afield might be priced differently (an extra charge for milage/fuel might be added). All treatments are guaranteed. We give you a clear no-obligation free quote when you enquire for comprehensive pricing. We usually are able to help within 24/48 hrs, but this cannot always be guaranteed during peak times (i.e. May, June, July, August & September).

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