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Fly biology and reasons for elimination

fly - blue bottle

Blue bottle

The fly is important for pollination, breakdown of waste and carrion. However, flies are also environmental nuisance pests transmitting disease and certain species can bite. In addition, flies transmit an array of disease organisms, including Dysentry, Klebsiella sp, Salmonella sp, Escherichia coli and Campylobacter sp. As a result, flies present serious hygiene problems. Therefore, owners of premises must bring infestations under control, in legislative terms. 1) Under the clean Neighborhoods and environment act 2005 (section 101). 2). Under food safety legislation when large numbers are presents were food is handled.




Species most often encountered are:

  • Common house flies (musca domestica)
  • Lesser house flies (Fannia canicularis)
  • Blue and green bottle flies (Calliphora sp. and Lucilia sp. respectively)
  • Flesh flies (Sarcophaga carnaria)
  • Fruit flies (Drosophila sp.)
  • Cluster flies (Pollenia rudis)
  • Drain flies (Psychodidae)
  • Fungus gnats (Mycetophiloidea)

EFK – electric fly killer

Fly control measures

The most common physical control measures include prevention of breeding and clearance of breeding grounds (waste should be covered, sheeting of manure heaps) and enterance prevented by window and door proofing with fly screens. Electric fly killing units should be strategically placed. EFK’s attract flies to the UV spectrum of light and kill with an electrified grid which can be effective for some species present within a room. However, they they not always effective against (common and lesser) houseflies. Especially relevant when large numbers are present associated with favourable breeding sites. Nevertheless, they are ideal in places were flies are attracted to food preparation areas.

EFK and fly screen installation

We have a large number of high quality, professional EFK’s available for the retail and food industry. In situations were insect bodies need to be retained a replacable glue board is present without an electrified grid that can potentially shatter insect bodies. We can fit these units strategically for maximum efficiency. Other control measures we provide and install include window screening and chain screen doors for walk through doorways to prevent entry. Call or contact us for a free EFK / fly screening brochure which include prices.

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