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Reasons for rodent control

Rattus norvegicus - sewer rat

Brown rat “Rattus norvegicus”

The brown rat (rattus norvegicus), the black rat (rattus rattus), the house mouse (mus musculus v.domesticus) and the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) are the most significant rodent pest species of Britain. The European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is strictly speaking not a rodent but belongs to the Lagomorph’s. They distinguish from other mammals by the characteristics of their incisor teeth they use for gnawing.  They are successfull because of their commensal life style with man, adaptability and rapid rate of breeding. The main reason for rodent control is because they spread disease and damage food stocks and structures.





Structural damage and rodents

House mouse

house mouse “mus musculus”

Rodents keep their teeth in optimum condition by gnawling. Rodents such as brown rats and house mice are known to gnaw through wood, plastic and even electrical cables. This can cause a potential fire hazard. It is not uncommon to find lead piping in older houses damaged by rodent teeth. Conversely, rodents invade premesis by exploiting structural damage already present (cracked sewer pipes and walls, drains, air bricks). A rodent control survey will establish the rodent species and level of infestation, damage they cause and whether we need to proof.





Transmission of disease

Rodents carry a number of commensal diseases, some of which are very serious. Examples include sewer rats contaminating work surfaces with Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease)  and Salmonella sp. Rodents in any setting, but particularly were food is handled, are a serious Health and Safety concern.

Rodent extermination

We can perform rodent elimination using a varity of methods, which include baiting, applicating rodenticidal gels and trapping.  We will therefore discuss the most suitable rodent control method and the need for proofing. In addition harbourage sites sometimes need eliminating. We will solve your rodent problem using a high level of discretion and when everyone else is asleep, if this is required.

Control of Rabbits and grey squirrels

Rabbits and grey squirrels normally live outdoors and cause serious damage to vegetation. This is especially relevant in an agricultural setting. Call for a no obligation free quote to discuss appropriate control methods.

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