Bees & Bee control

Buff tailed bumble bee

Buff-tailed bumble bee
"Bombus terrestris"

Bees in particular are environmentally very beneficial to man by pollinating crops, so destruction of bee colonies should be a last resort (we always remove combs / block entry to prevent secondary poisoning of farmed bee hives). However, we usually liaise with local bee-keepers to relocate and domesticate feral honey bees (Apis Mellifera).

There are 250 bee species in the UK, including many Bumble bees (Bombus sp.), miner bees (Andrena sp.) and Mason bees (Osmia sp.) which are also beneficial for pollination of crops, are harmless and will only sting if extremely provoked.

Red Mason bee

Red mason bee "Osmia rufa"

The latter 2 are solitary bees (90% of UK bee species are solitary), but can appear swarm-like and are often seen early spring (before significant wasp numbers are present) on sunny south facing surfaces and disappear at the onset of summer.

Tree bumble bee

Tree bumble bee
"Bombus hypnorum"

A relative newcomer to the UK is the Tree Bumble bee (Bombus hypnorum). This species has spread throughout Britain since 2001, whereas before it was restricted to mainland Europe. It is now very common in the UK. The Tree bumble bee is often seen in bird nest boxes in gardens. Be ware! This bumble bee will attack / sting if their nest is in danger, in contrast to most other, more docile bumble bee species.

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