Black ants invading your home or business?

We provide expert ant treatments for Wigan and beyond! The most common ant problem in Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester is caused by black garden ants (Lasius niger).

black ant

black garden ant

They belong in the garden and are usually not a problem outside. They are however a real nuisance once they invade homes or businesses. Sometimes a great number of swarming / flying (black) ants can cause nuisance problems in gardens during summer months. They are the drones (males) and new queens. Workers are wingless.

Give us a call for guaranteed ant treatment, control and elimination, and an end to your ant problem. We use quality professional insecticides, not available to the general public, assuring the elimination of the entire ant colony.

Ant treatment & control, Wigan, Lancashire and Liverpool

There are about 40 species of ant found in the North-West of England, with some being introduced by the increase in global travel and trade.

pharao ant

Pharaoh ant

Some of the more exotic ant species, such as the pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis) being incapable of living outdoors, but breeding successfully in heated premises where they can cause serious problems such as spreading of diseases and contaminating food stores.

Applications containing bendiocarb or baits with a growth inhibitor / disruptor (i.e. imidacloprid, spinosad, s-methoprene) to eradicate the breeding population in 7-14 days is usually the most appropriate method of control for black garden ants. Sometimes a cavity wall injection with a long lasting residual insecticide is required if this is the origin of reoccurring ant infestations.

Further reading: RHS ant control advice

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