typical visits required (included in price)

Additional points/costs

treatment particulars


(black garden ants )



guaranteed for current seazon i.e. 2017

Do NOT use DIY (permethrin) based powders - this will destroy their trails and an opportunity to use baiting gels

Imidacloprid/indoxacarb baiting gel. Ficam W/D for surface/void treatments. Pharaoh ant treatment is priced differentially and requires a free survey before quotation.


£110 / bed

discount if multiple beds


Extensive survey and treatment with different insecticides included (pyrethroid / carbamate/insect growth regulator (IGR)) to break the breeding cycle and combat possible resistance). Insecticides used: Cymetrol Super. Ficam W/D.


from £65




Free if swarm can be collected by a bee-keeper in case of feral honey bees: Every effort is made to collect honey bees and not to destroy colonies

Insecticides used: Ficam D/W. Extra visit is often required to block entrances and/or remove combs to prevent secondary poisoning of domesticated honey bees. Total costs are most often determined during an initial survey.


Depends on free species identification & survey


based on 3 bedroom house or shop/takeaway. Indoxacarb baiting and/or pyrethroid/carbamate/IGR formulations. ULV fumigation


free site survey essential


request quote

Feral pigeon

free site survey essential


request quote

from £85
Pets need to be treated first by Vet in case of dog/cat fleas before surface treatment.

based on 2 bedroom house. Insecticides used: Demand CS (cracks/crevices only), Ficam W, Ficam D, Cymetrol Super. Additional rooms £15/room

1 - 2

Often the underlying source of the fly problem needs to be addressed.

Control methods: ULV fumigation, Aquapy (Bayer), Deadline Insectaban. . Enquire for EFK units or proofing separately. s-methroprene IGR (manure) &Cyromazine/Difubenzuron (agricultural sector)


Shooting / Trapping

Trapping / Shooting / Repellents. Based on 1 fox



field survey required

Habitat modification often required

Vectobac (Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis (Bti)

Grey Squirrel

Often roof proofing required.

Trapping / Grey squirrel formulated Warfarin bait. When trapping No catch=no fee. Proofing survey/advice included.

Sometimes proofing required.

Trapping and/or rodenticides. Survey for proofing advice included.


please call



No catch=no fee guarantee. Price for agricultural mole clearance can be negotiated upon survey.



Sometimes associated with birds nests. Clothes moths requires survey.

Deadline insectaban, Ficam W/D, Demand CS, Stingray ME. ULV fumigation


Sometimes habitat modification required

Shooting Trapping, ferreting. Separate charge for Aluminium Phosphide gassing (Survey required) (Agricultural/Commercial survey & quote required.)


Sometimes ingress from faulty drain

/gutter downpipes/ sewer defects need addressing

Trapping and/or use of appropriate rodenticides depending of level of infestation

Crawling nuisance insects: Silverfish etc.
Sometimes indicative of damp ingress.

Ficam W surface spray. Ficam D. Demand CS. ULV fumigation. Deltramethrin CS for outside.


free re-treatments if required

Insecticides used: Ficam D, Ficam W. Sorcec pyretroid based Wasp killer (BASF), Diatomaceous earth near sensitive / aquatic environments. £10 for additional nests on the same visit.


Survey essential


species: Anobium punctatum (common furniture beetle) only

Extensive survey essential to establish extent of structural damage of structural timbers. Includes cleaning & removal of damaged wood pre-treatment. Warranty included

Annual Service



Starting @


Quarterly Service visits + 2 emergency callouts included

Rat / mouse & crawling insects

Applicable for Shops, small warehouses. Larger industrial units / food processing plants etc.would require a free survey for a quotation.

Callout fee



Only applicable if no treatment is required - only to cover time & Fuel. Or very simple/brief tasks

Callout fee is waived if a treatment is purchased.

I.e. it would be applicable if a bed bug inspection / survey finds no evidence of the presence of bed bugs.

* Prices are based on residential pest control in the Wigan borough. Pest control work requiring multiple visits, and further afield might be priced differently (an extra charge for milage/fuel might be added). All treatments are guaranteed. We give you a clear no-obligation free quote when you enquire for comprehensive pricing. We usually are able to help within 24/48 hrs, but this cannot always be guaranteed during peak times (i.e. May, June, July, August & September).

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